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Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron

Managing Director Workplace Leader Search

Michael Cameron is the Managing Partner of Workplace Leader Search, CEO – Chief Engagement Officer for the Win-Win Workplace Leader Community and Host for the Win-Win@Work Radio Show. Workplace Leader Search specializes in both confidential replacement search and facilitating coaching solutions for underperforming employees. We partner with a select group of top performance coaches with a track record of successfully assessing and improving employees skills.

Michael personally oversees the confidential replacement search process for employees not open to coaching or are not a good cultural fit for your company.  Below is a list of workplace leaders we can develop a confidential replacement strategy for if it is determined to be the best decision for both the company and employees:

  •  C-suite executive
  •  VP Level
  • Director Level
  • Key Managers

In summary, Workplace Leader Search believes an employee’s purpose and career aspirations need to align with their organization’s day-to-day workplace experience to consistently perform at a high level.

Contact  Michael@WinWinatWork.com

* Every Friday at 9:30 AM EST Win-Win@Work Radio Show on WSCA 106.1 FM interviews top CEOs, executives, HR, and performance management thought leaders. We uncover cool companies to work for and successful talent management solutions.

Ellen Kramer

Ellen Kramer

Executive & Performance Coach

Ellen Kramer leads the performance coaching practice where high-achievers and “might-have-beens” alike find a way to align personal purpose and career aspirations with their day-to-day workplace experience. For companies seeking to achieve their goals with high-performing teams managed by inspiring leaders, Ellen uncovers strengths and new levels of engagement up and down the org chart. Certified by the Center for Executive Coaching and IDEO’s Design Thinking, Ellen seeks to improve self awareness (emotional quotient) and an understanding of how the way we show up as leaders and treat others impacts overall performance. Ellen has held key leadership and CMO roles for nearly 30 years in startup, middle market and high-profile corporations such as AOL, Quiznos, USA Today, Blockbuster/DISH and Time-Life, as well as consulting with Funnelcake and Now What? Marketing. Ellen is a high energy, results-focused business leader with a down-to-earth style and a track record of providing vision, mentoring and teamwork to drive profitable growth.”I know what it feels like to be driven to get to the highest levels of an organization, to transform and lift the people around me. With that, I take a creative and empathetic approach to inspiring drive in individuals and teams to reach their full potential.”