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Why Work With Us?
Many traditional recruiters and retained search firms provide companies with a “quick fix” recruiting service. is the contingency recruiting arm for our  Win-Win@Work Radio Show and Workplace Leader Community. We specialize in recruiting employee-centric workplace leaders (executives,managers and key employees).  Three important factors set us apart from other staffing and retained search firms.

Quality of Recruiting Service

Traditional: Many recruiting firms race to find candidates to quickly fill a need, they focus on presenting candidates (who look good on paper) instead of searching for the right leadership skills and culture fit. One of the leading factors why key employees look for better opportunities is their inability to connect or truly engage with their management team or direct supervisor.

Our model: recruits senior cross-functional workplace leaders.  Our search strategy focuses on finding the right cultural fit and emotional intelligence skills to become true workplace culture leaders. We believe emotional intelligence is twice as important as intellectual or technical ability for outstanding performance of workplace leaders.

ROI for our Recruiting Service

Traditional: Retain firms average a 67% successful placement ratio. We feel that is unacceptable. Many contingency search firms goal is to find the “fastest way to the bank” or send as many resumes as possible, disregarding culture fit or proven workplace leadership skills.  Many hire young college grads to “smile and dial” and do not spend the time developing long-term relationships with top talent.

Our model: We partner with clients to develop in-depth job descriptions, develop an innovative search strategy to attract top workplace leaders who fit your companies culture and talent management goals. We recruit proven workplace leaders who can both increase productivity and hire, engage and retain top talent. not only finds the best possible workplace leaders, we developed a workplace leader community that offers ongoing support and successful workplace culture and talent acquisition solutions. Your return on investment is continuous.

Recruiting Strategy

Traditional: Both retained and contingency search firms goal is to quickly find and present candidates and move on to the next job opening.

Our model: Our Win-Win@Work FM based weekly radio show and workplace leader community enables to build relationships with employee-centric C-suite executives, innovative HR leaders, and senior level hiring managers.  Accomplished leaders, who have both the emotional intelligence and required hard skills to build trust-based relationships. We are constantly building our network of senior workplace leaders who have lead successful talent management initiatives to help their companies create the biggest competitive advantage in today’s marketplace……attracting, hiring, developing and retaining top talent.

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