What we do?

Workplace Leader Search offers both confidential replacement search and performance coaching services. We help companies facilitate a thoughtful solution for a key employee who is underperforming or may not be a good workplace culture fit.

Why performance coaching?

Workplace Leader Search works with HR and hiring managers to improve individual or team performance-related issues. We evaluate   what is causing the problem and how the employee/employees in question are influencing the team or department.  Our assessment of employee/employees goals and performance expectations and how they align with the company’s workplace culture will help determine the next step.

Why a confidential replacement search is a proactive alternative for an employee who is not open to coaching or a good culture fit?

Engaging in a confidential search allows the necessary time to find an exceptional replacement for an underperforming employee. One important advantage of a confidential search, the employee in question continued productivity. Undue stress can be placed on a team or department when a key role is left open for weeks or sometimes months without anyone in the position.

How a performance coaching or confidential search service helps your workplace and employee brand.

Performance coaching can help an employee deal with change and increase his/her awareness on how their performance affects their co-workers. Every employee needs to understand the importance of developing a personal brand that promotes their ability to be both productive and a supportive team player. Their future marketability may depend on it.

If an underperforming employee is confidentially replaced, sharing the reasons for the decision and the steps made to help the employee in question and co-workers is important. Staying ahead of your workplace messaging by doing what is best for both the company and its employees helps build confidence, trust, and employee retention.

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